Perception of Information Security of Management of Banking and Insurance Companies in Countries of Western Balkans: Introduction

Perception of Information Security of Management of Banking and Insurance Companies in Countries of Western Balkans: IntroductionInformation technology security is currently one of the most important topics that users and providers of information technology are facing. Organisations are dependent of information technology. This means that they are more vulnerable on information threats. The vulnerability of information systems is increasing as we move towards network computing. There are number of threats within and outside organisation that must be taken into account. These problems are caused by threats such as illegal access, malware, spam mails, and system troubles. Consequences of these threats can occur in forms of destroying resources, malfunction of applications and data, denial of service, stealing the service and stealing the resources. Payday Loans Online

Information security refers to the protection of information and information systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction in order to provide confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Most common threats against information technology systems can occur on client (user) side, communication lines, corporate servers and corporate systems. They can stem from technical, organisational, and environmental factors compounded by poor management decisions. An organisation should build strong safeguards to prevent valuable data being lost, destroyed, or could fall into the wrong hands, revealing important trade secrets or information that violates personal privacy.
In order to get knowledge about state of information security in organisation, it is necessary to research perception of different aspects of information security. As a part of overall information security activities, it can be assumed that perception of attributes of standardisation of information security can indicate the state of information security in companies. Also, this helps to recognize limitations and guidelines for improvement of the information security system. Research described in this paper was conducted in order to discover indicators about perception of information security of management in banking and insurance companies, and information security auditing companies. This can help in improvement of standardisation of information security procedures, as well as finding put knowledge of marketing aspects of information security and market potential of it.
Because of significance of financial sector and vulnerability of the sector, particularly in countries in transition, research was conducted in banking and insurance companies in Western Balkans.