SUCCESS FACTORS OF FAST MOVING GOODS OF SMALL MEDIUM ENTERPRISES IN INDONESIA: DISCUSSIONThe high motivation also encourage entrepreneurs expend maximum effort to advance the business. They claimed the success obtained by the principles of hard work and never give up on any issues that arise during their business. Even some businesses have experienced serious bankruptcy that forced them to vacuum for a while before returning to the business. McManus & Delaney agreed that business brings its own pressures, so entrepreneur must work hard to get it done. The definition of hard work for businessmen is their willingness to work overtime until late at night and stay focused doing a job and not be tempted working another different job until the major work is completed. The entire respondents found that hard work is one of the key to success in running a business and win competition in the market.
Entrepreneurs who highly motivated to succeed in business, will directly work hard to realize their dream, the real impact will be on the entrepreneurial character. Discipline is another success factor mentioned by respondents in this research. According to Jin et al., self-discipline of one entrepreneur will result in better business growth performances. Discipline could be formed as ensuring the accuracy of the production schedule, on time delivery, fulfillment of the promise to consumers, and maintaining inventory requires discipline. Otherwise, the problems will be formed as a domino effect. Bad inventory could cause delays in delivering orders, and it could influence customer dissatisfaction which could endanger the business.
Building a disciplined atmosphere is started by giving a good example from the owner behavior to his all employees. For example, opening stores on time or manage good time management in completing work. In addition, disciplined behavior is also manifested by serious behavior, not showing relax behavior at work, and keep a promise made both for employees and customers. Furthermore, the owner must confirm the employees to work in standard operating procedures that have been previously defined for quality control in all operation activities.
On the other side, to create a solid business, the owner and his employees must ensure that they have the same direction to achieve business goals. To realize this situation, good leadership is another determinants of the business success. Leadership is a process to influence someone so that they will do everything to achieve organizational goals. Leadership style of the owner greatly affect work orientation. The leadership style adopted by the owner is very influential to the employees behavior. Jensen & Luthans confirmed that leadership of entrepreneur impacts not only employee attitudes, but also the performance and long-term viability of the emerging organization. Darling et al. also stated that managerial leadership will reflects in operational excellence of organizational entrepreneurship.
According to the respondents, good leaderhip begins by trying to be familiar with the names of each employees and their personal character. Since SMEs are big business sectors with small number of employees, the owner should not be difficult to recognize all of his employees. A good leadership can be judged from the employees’ satisfaction during work, they do not feel pressured to perform duties, and employees have the freedom to give an opinion that building a business. In addition, the owner also treat employees fairly, accordance with their competence, so that no employee who objected or overwhelmed when completing tasks. The owner must know how to treat and communicate with each employee with a different character, it also influenced the way when the owner motivate his employees to stimulate maximum capacity in their work. there